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For medium installations

from 15 to 100 kW

You will receive from the electricity company

41 cent (depends of the location)

per kWh

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For small installations

up to 15 kW

You will receive from the electricity company

48 cent (depends of the location)

per kWh

Solar Panels Technicians
Solar Panels Technician

Solar panel cleaning robot

Our solar panel cleaning robots keep your solar panels functioning at peak efficiency with

Minimal effort on your part.

For more details, please contact us

Solar Panels

about us

 LeoBot1 Energy is a company of LeoBot1 Group

Our main goal is to provide solar systems of the highest quality and at the best prices in the market. We focus on selling the products and installing unique and autonomous solar systems that aim to provide clean energy and passive income.

Our sales method is based on an orderly import system from the leading manufacturers in the solar field, in order to guarantee our customers products of the highest quality. We offer customized solutions for each client, and each system we install is built according to the client's requirements and needs.

One of the unique features of the company is that we undertake to give our customers prices without mediation gaps. This is thanks to the direct sales method from the importer to the consumer, which reduces costs and brokerage gaps, and provides the customer with the best prices for solar products. Our customers can be sure they are getting the best value for their solar system investment.

In addition, we are based on direct working relationships with our customers. We value every project and we undertake to provide a personal and professional service at the highest level

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With us you can find financing up to 100% of the transaction cost for a solar system

Close support from us and arranging all approvals before installing the system

solar panel
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?How to begin


Signing a contract


Scheduling a consultation with a representative


Starting to profit from the sun



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